Spiral conveyor

Screw conveyors

As closed conveyor systems for various media.
From horizontal to vertical conveying.

Screw conveyor Screw conveyor Conveyor system Double screw conveyor

Advantages overview

  • Low energy input for high conveying capacity
  • Hygienic conditions are improved with a closed conveyor system
  • Simple, compact construction with few components
  • Reversible operation is possible
  • Space-saving erection and construction
  • Intermediate discharges can be configured easily
Dimensions are variable, and are adapted to each application.


  • Various trough styles: U-troughs, V-troughs, double and multiple troughs
  • Conveyors for drawing off, or purely transport screw conveyors
  • Single, double, and multiple spirals, left-hand or right-hand versions
  • Various options for bearings and drive systems
  • Any desired installation orientation (from 0 slope to 90 slope)


Funnels, chutes, and hoppers; pivoting, rotating, and travel chassis, manual or electric; cages; pushers; intermediate discharges; mobile conveyors; electrical and control elements; dehydration and press zones; speed monitoring; overfilling protection; insulation - cooling heating

Areas of application:

  • Transport of bulk aggregate materials from municipal and industrial plants
  • Thickened, dehydrated, dried sludges
  • Sand and sand-water mixtures
  • Matting materials such as screenings, bioresidues, trash sorting
  • Paper and food industries


Our spiral conveyors are particularly well suited for heavy transport of sludge or similar products. The endless spiral has no central pipe, so it cannot become clogged with sticky or matting material. Even heavy conveyed media, such as bioresidues, severely matting screenings or fibre materials can be conveyed without a problem.