Trough chain conveyor

Trough chain conveyors

As a closed conveyor system for high conveyor capacities.
Designed as a continuous conveyor. Material conveyance to over 90.

Tensioning station Drive station 3 trough chain conveyors Trough chain conveyor as discharge unit

Advantages overview

  • High conveyor capacities
  • Gentle material transport
  • No energy input for winter operations
  • Space-saving erection and construction
  • Hygienic conditions are improved (for maintenance as well) with a closed conveyor system
Dimensions are variable, and are adapted to each application.


  • Top and bottom drag chain conveyors
  • Single or double conveyor chain
  • Horizontal, inclined, vertical, circular, or Z-shaped guides


  • Various drive types possible
  • Insulation and heating
  • Rotary speed monitoring


The trough chain conveyor is a continuous conveyor with a rectangular cross section. It can be installed in a horizontal to inclined orientation. Bulk goods are delivered at the tensioning station. The conveyor chain runs on a wear-resistant floor and transports the material by top or bottom drag to the drive station, where it is discharged or transferred to conveyor units for further transport. The construction of the conveyor chain is tailored to the particular bulk material and, like the entire design of the conveyor, is selected for the particular task. The conveyor chain is driven by a roller-bearing shaft with a chain sprocket that is driven by a gearmotor with an additional roller chain drive. After the bulk material is discharged, the chain conveyor runs idle and is guided back to the tensioning station on guide rails. There it is returned to the conveying direction by a return drum. This drum is supported on roller bearings in a spring-loaded carriage. The springs are located on both sides and can be pre-tensioned by means of threaded rods. A sensor for stall monitoring is installed on the return drum.