Lime wash system

Lime wash systems

Various methods are available for producing lime wash.

Production of lime wash Production of lime wash by metering lime Quick lime discharge Production of lime wash with quick lime

Advantages overview

  • We will advise you of a suitable process
  • We have many years of expertise and a wide range of systems technologies

Dimensions are variable, and are adapted to each application and to your specific needs.


  • System for mixing hydrated lime
    Mixing hydrated lime and water in a lime dissolution tank. The lime is stored in a silo and metered into the mixing tank via a bulk material discharge system while water is added. The high potential for metering and concentration is ensured by suitable measurement systems.

  • System for quenching quick lime
    In a first process step, the quick lime is added to the quenching tank at a high concentration. The vapours that arise are continuously drawn off under vacuum and washed out. In a second process step, thinning to your desired final concentration takes place.

  • Jetting system
    The lime is metered dry into the lime dosing wetting unit by our bulk material discharge systems. Tangential water inlet into the dispenser ensures that it is completely wetted.

  • System for dry admixture
    Turbulence at the metering point in your system is the basic prerequisite of this metering technology. Our bulk material discharge system meters the lime directly from the silo into the wastewater stream.


Bulk material discharge and storage
Activated carbon metering
Double shaft paddle mixer


  • Chemistry
  • Municipal and industrial wastewater treatment
  • Flue gas treatment
  • Solid waste gas combustion