Lime wash system Inden

Lime wash preparation system for production of lime wash, Location: RWE site in pit water treatment plant in Inden, Year of manufacture:
September 2005

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Lime wash system

Project description:

Delivery and installation of a complete lime wash preparation system.


VTS delivered a complete quick lime system, comprising a lime silo for the storage of quick lime with a special discharge system which can fill the batching tanks with lime via two tube screw conveyors. Lime and water are mixed in the two batch tanks and then diluted in a third dilution tank until the required lime wash concentration is achieved.

Performance and production data:
1 lime silo

The hydrated lime silo has a capacity of approx. 70 m3. Below the silo cylinder are the discharge cone and the 3 feet, with an integrated weighing facility for level measurement. The pneumatic air break-up and rapper are integrated in the discharge cone. The rapper supports the air break-up in the lime discharge. The metering unit below is constructed of 2 halves and equipped with 2 drives as well as 2 discharge openings opposite each other. The metering unit can be used to fill 2 quenching tanks at the same time.

Power input: 0,37 kw
Adjustment range of lime metering: 15 to 75 Hz
Lime metering capacity per minute: Approx. 117 dm3
Max. lime metering capacity: Approx. 583 dm3
Lime metering capacity: Approx. 389 dm3 / hour per discharge at 50 Hz
2 batch tanks
Max. contents: Approx.3
Lime inlet: 168 mm, (DN 150)
Temperature monitoring
1 dilution tank
Max. contents: Approx. 1,0 m3.
Lime milk inlet: DN 100
Level measuring device
Lime silo for storage of quick lime Lime silo for storage of quick lime (Ca(OH)2
Discharge system via two different conveying paths.
two tube screw conveyors The two tube screw conveyors transport the lime to two separate batch tanks (500 litres each) in the neighbouring building. From here, the lime wash is conveyed to a dilution tank (1,000 litres), where the final concentration is achieved.
Water system Water system for supplying water to the three tanks. Equipped with corresponding valves and measuring devices.
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