Lime wash system Lampertheim

Lime wash preparation system for production of
lime wash, Location: BASF site in Lampertheimm,
Year of manufacture:
April 2007

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Lime wash system

Project description:

Optimisation and conversion of existing lime wash system in Lampertheim.


For the chemical plant in Lampertheim, VTS delivered a new lime silo with corresponding discharge system for the storage of hydrated lime. The discharge system meters the lime in one of the mixing tanks delivered by VTS, where the lime wash is mixed.

Performance and production data:
1 lime silo for storage of hydrated lime with a
max. bulk weight of 13 KN/m3
Nominal capacity: Approx. 55 m3
Silo diameter: 2,900 mm
Cyl. height: 5,500 mm
Cone: 70 degrees
Cone height: 1,650 mm
Discharge height: Approx. 2,150 mm
Total height: Approx. 10,400 mm up to top edge of roofh
1 lime wash tank 3,5 m3 with torispherical floor
incl. insulation
Water system
Level measuring device
Silo discharge system Silo discharge system for the lime silo comprising a sprung floor, a gate valve, a rotary pocket feeder for metering the hydrated lime; the tube screw conveyor installed underneath is used to convey the lime to the mixing tank.
Walkable mixing tank Walkable mixing tank, 3.5 m3, insulated and heated for operation outdoors.
Roof of mixing tank Roof of mixing tank is fitted with an exhaust air filter, mixer and inlet for hydrated lime as well as the corresponding water connections.
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