Disc screen


Screening and removal of solids. Water removal to protect against contamination in downstream screening systems.

Discreen system for removing production water Discreen system Screen disc system Discreen for holding screenings back

Advantages overview

  • Low personnel and maintenance requirements
  • Prevents buildup of screenings
  • No cost for screening disposal
  • No risk of icing due to disc motion

We select and adapt the sizes and variants of our disc screens, and the appropriate parameters, depending on the application.

Functioning principle:

The discreen is a dynamic screen equipped with several shafts. Each shaft has a number of discs and corresponding spacers mounted on it. The discs of the individual shafts engage with each other. All shafts rotate in the same direction. The solids are thus broken up in a gentle manner over the entire screening surface, then washed and transported to the discharge point. The different speeds also mean that the disc screen is constantly being automatically cleaned, so that the entire free screening surface area is available in all operating states. (occupancy factor = 0)

Technical data:

  • Low speed, up to max. 65 rpm
  • Design heights from 200 to 1750 mm (up to 500 design height is cantilevered)
  • Number of shafts from 3 to 21 or more
  • Throughput of up to 26,000 m3/h and greater
  • Motor power 0.55 to 4.0 kW

Variants and areas of application:

The discs and spacers are available in stainless steel or plastic. Different drive variants, such as IP55 electric motors, IP68 fully submersible, EX protection (ATEX), hydraulic, etc.

Areas of application:

  • In the infeed to a sewage treatment system with a combination of a grinder and/or a screw screen
  • In storm overflow structures
  • To protect against contamination in storm overflow structures
  • For river water extraction
  • To protect emergency relief in the screening structure of the sewage treatment plant
  • In pumping stations
  • Fish protection

Application example
Various disc screens