explosion test silo

Bulk material silo explosion test silo

Location: Horstwalde (near Berlin)
Pneumatic conveying of maize starch
Year of manufacture: July 2008

Silo tank Storage tanks for feeding bagged goods Various valves for ventilation and venting Silo discharge
Project description:

Test centre for determining explosive pressure with the help of explosion diaphragms, films or panels.

Plan of the explosion test silo



The explosive medium within the silo is switched via an electric ignition. The explosive diaphragm should be used to release the pressure from the tank. The on-site measuring technology makes it possible to draw conclusions about the explosive nature. This system should be used to test approvals for explosive diaphragms. To be able to test different explosive natures, the silo should be offered in a height-adjustable design

Performance and production data:
Useful contents of silo: 55 m3
Cylindrical external diameter: 2,800 mm
Cylindrical height: 88,100 mm
Conveyed material: Maize starch or other explosive media
Conveyed medium: Compressed air
Feeding station: Feeding via bagged goods
Components: Storage tanks, flat pushers, rotary pocket feeders
Fan station: GM 35 S 45 kW, 400V, 50 Hz
Silo discharge gate valve: Machine feed with hand wheel