Bulk material discharge

Bulk material discharge

Various combinations of our bulk material products, optimally arranged. To optimise discharge capacity, and prevent dust formation. Various applications can be used variably, depending on the bulk material.

Special conical shape with two discharge opening Loading accessories Spiral conveyor Micrometering units
Special construction of the silo discharge cone:
  • For example, in combination with a spiral conveyor and blocking elements, ensures continuous direct conveying to a corresponding transfer point.
  • Partitioned silo cone, allows bulk material to be loaded through two different paths with only one storage container.
Our machines for discharging flowable bulk materials are selected, tested, and adapted to the individual application.

In addition to typical variants, such as vibratory discharge activators, flat pushes, cellular wheel sluices, micrometering units, and tube screw conveyors, we also provide special solutions to suit each application.

Vibratory discharge activators:

A discharge cone equipped with a vibratory motor in order to ensure continuous discharge of the material. Prevents bridging in the container and helps to completely empty the container.

Flat pushers:

For blocking off flowing bulk materials. With various drive types, such as:

  • Manually actuated
  • Pneumatically actuated
  • Hydraulically actuated
  • Motor actuated

Rotary pocket feeders:

Discharge components that can be used to meter the amount of discharge.

Micrometering units:

For continuously metering flowable materials. Particularly well suited for sticky materials with poor flow.

Loading accessories:

Intended for loading dusty materials.

  • Particularly well suited for tank vehicles, in order to guarantee loading with low dust levels
  • Loading for open trucks, with dust protection, in order to reduce the amount of dust discharged
  • Equipped with fill level indicators to prevent overfilling

Tube screw conveyors:

For conveying flowable bulk materials, with a closed system to allow dust-free conveying of the materials.

Air break-up:

Depending on the material and application, there are various nozzle shapes that are mounted on the silo cone to prevent bridging and optimise discharge performance.