Sludge discharge system

Sludge discharge systems

Various systems for round or square containers, variable
dimensions to suit the application, discharge of various media.

Discharge screws for discharging sewage sludge Hydraulic units Hydraulic cylinder Installed parts of the sliding frames / push floors
Advantages overview
  • No bridging within the container
  • Low energy input for large discharge capacity
  • Increased useable volume
Dimensions are variable, and are adapted to each application. Various bulk materials can be discharged.


  • Sliding frame systems for round containers
  • Pusher bed systems for square containers
  • Single or multiple drives
  • Complete or partitioned frame construction
  • Centre or side discharge
  • Single or multiple discharge
  • Pusher shapes adapted to the product


Sliding frame drive with hydraulic cylinders
Hydraulic power packs
Discharge screws
Flat pushers