Sewage sludge silo system

for storage and loading of drained sewage sludge
Location: Radolfzell sewage treatment plant (Lake Constance), Year of manufacture: June 2008

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Sewage sludge silo system

Project description:

Modernisation of sludge drainage, including the facilities for the transport, the intermediate storage and the loading of the drained sewage sludge.


Construction of a sewage sludge loading silo to convey the sewage sludge from the on-site filter presses to the silo via trough chain conveyors. The silo drainage is performed via a discharge system comprising: sliding frame, discharge screw and gate valve. After the discharge rate has been selected (0.5 to 30 tonnes), the hydraulic unit is switched on. The sliding frame and flat pusher are actuated hydraulically. Additionally, the silo is equipped with a heating system, which is switched on automatically when the temperature falls below 5C and heats the components up to >30C.

Performance and production data:
Conveyed material: Municipal, drained sewage sludge
from filter press, >30% DMC, heavy flowing
Properties: Normal to heavy flowing, crumbly, damp, possibly sticky
Bulk density: 1,100 kg/m3
Grain size: Max. 200 mm
Dampness: < 70 %
Number of silos: 1 loading silo, 100 m3
= 4000 mm
Steel structure which can be driven underneath with staircase for climbing up and operating platform, spiral staircase for accessing silo roof
Trough chain conveyo of the sewage sludge silo system Trough chain conveyor,
TKF 500
  • 8 m3 / h
  • 37 - 45 % TS
Level measuring device for loading silo and ultrasound unit Level measuring device for loading silo and ultrasound unit
Discharge system of the sewage sludge silo system Discharge system
  • Sliding frame GR 4000
  • Silo discharge screw 100 m3, 18.5kW
  • Gate valve AS 500x500
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