Sludge receiving bunker

Sludge receiving bunker

Rectangular or round tanks for sludge receiving and storage. Variable silo volumes and dimensions, as required. Different bulk goods are possible.

test1 Receiving bunker for sewage sludge Receiving bunker for sewage sludge Receiving bunker for sewage sludge
Advantages overview
  • Save time and personnel with fully automated filling and transfer of bulk materials
  • Sludge loading can be done autonomously by the disposer.
  • No vehicle overloading, due to load monitoring.
  • Low energy requirements and high loading and storage capacity.
  • Emission controls with a closed plant system.
  • Hygienic conditions are improved.
Bunker sizes and dimensions are variable and adapted to each application. Storage and discharge of different bulk materials is possible.


  • Receiving bunker, steel construction, for discharging to another conveyor unit
  • Receiving bunker at ground level for receiving the sewage sludge from above


Variable fill level measurement, weighing scale, insulation and heating, explosion protection, ATEX conformity, exhaust air treatment, integrated lifting devices, variable or different stairway and platform systems.

Filling systems:

Chain conveyors, screw conveyors, or pump systems for filling the bunker. Hygienic and low-odour sewage sludge feeding. Or for direct loading by trailer truck.

Discharge systems:

Discharge systems, electrohydraulically driven single or multiple sliding frames with discharge screw conveyors and gate valves, screw conveyors, rotation systems.

  • no bridging within the bunker
  • discharge capacity is variable